Faustine Bollaert target of criticism: a famous host attacks his show "It starts today"

Since 2017, Faustine Bollaert presents It starts today, from Monday to Friday on France 2. A program during which the host “receives various guests who wish to share their story on a specific theme, whether it is a sentimental, family, friendly or professional environment. They evoke their experience and enrich it with exchanges with other witnesses. professionals regularly appear on the show to give advice “.

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“I am very lucky to have this show which makes me escape in these periods finally. The show and the stories of my guests make me travel and leave reality. It allows me to worry less about my own moods. It starts today makes everyone think, including me “, she confided to Gala. “I can’t imagine my life without the show … After that, it’s not me who decides. I think the show still has a few good years ahead of it, at least two, and then we’ll see. Me , I don’t feel any weariness and I thrive. The more I am allowed to present it, the happier I will be. “

If regularly, the wife of Maxime Chattam brings together in front of her program a little more than a million viewers, hanged to stories all as moving, each one as the other, there is a famous host who confided not to be a fan. Asked by Telepro Wednesday January 12, Olivier Delcroix released: “I think It starts today is for an afternoon audience. She has good audiences. We testify in seven minutes, I think we get over things. That’s the proposal of the show and it seems to suit the audience this show meets. ”

Very different words for TPMP and Cyril Hanouna. “For Touche not at my post, it’s something else, he admitted. “The turn it takes looks like Ciel mon Tuesday with the pros and cons. Cyril Hanouna is very good at what he does. If we want to inquire about the temperature of the company, you can find out what is going on through TPMP. It is very free and popular “.

Words that will appeal to the main interested party.

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