Faustine Bollaert outraged by the sexist comments of a guest, she reacts violently!

During her career, Faustine Bollaert has had the opportunity to welcome many guests. Unfortunately, if the presenter of the show It starts today on France 2 likes to converse with people, the latter would do well without some comments. This Friday, January 7, 2022, the wife of Maxime Chattam did not hesitate to put a man in his place after hearing sexist remarks. Indeed, Patricia’s husband, present on the set, began to tell how he overcame the routine that was gradually settling in his couple thanks to debauchery.
But while Faustine Bollaert wanted to know more about his meeting with his wife, Roberto did not mince his words. Much to the journalist’s dismay. “What did you have a crush on with Patricia at the time?”, asked Peter and Abbie’s mom. To which the man, without a filter, replied: “The bumper”. A statement that did not please the host. Neither one nor two, this one was offended: “Pardon ?” Before specifying for viewers: “Good … so you liked the shape. I’ll keep some outfit on this show. I’ll translate your speeches.”
Aware of his blunder, Roberto therefore wanted to defend himself by saying that this was not a misplaced remark. “Contrary to what one might say, it is very respectful for women.” Unfortunately, Faustine Bollaert did not agree with her guest at all. “Bumper? I’m not sure Roberto”. Far from being dismantled, the libertine then tried: “We have to get back to the time. We are in 1976!” “In 1976, was it fancy to say we hit a bumper?”, replied the young woman. “Yes, at the time things were going very well. We were thinking of the beautiful Americans”. If this kind of words passed in the 70s, it is, in any case, no longer relevant …

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