Faustine Bollaert explains why she consults a shrink: “I need to exorcise certain things”

“I feel like I feel people. When I’m in front of a person, I can tell if they’re fine, if they’re not fine, and I listen,” said Faustine Bollaert on the set of “Quelle époque!” on France 2. “Even the tone of voice, the intonation, the eyes that look down, I’m very receptive and that’s how I’m going to dig in,” she said.

An empathy that forces him to consult a psychologist. “I have a shrink, how many people in our profession have”, revealed without shame the former host of “Best Pastry Chef”. “People don’t care on this show how I get this information. Me, there are things sometimes that echo my own life, but I’m not going to interrupt the person by saying, ‘ah yes, me too for my daughter, I’m worried about that’. People don’t care,” she said. And to add: “But I need, behind, to go tell me to exorcise certain things. (…) It impacts me, and I think that it really takes sports discipline to be in total communion with my guests when I am with them, but you have to get out of it, ”she said. precise.

Externalize, she had not done in her first year of presenting the show. Faustine even kept in touch with some guests on social networks. The host explains today that she “needs a fairly frank break” when she returns to her dressing room after a difficult broadcast. “I do extremely down-to-earth things, that is to say I can call to make an appointment at the dentist for my son, buy me a clothes on the Internet (…), I have need to distance what I have just heard”, she said.

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