Faustão comments fear of criticism with his son’s exposure in the new Band program

faustão is about to debut on his new show, Faustão in the Band, and told about her son’s fear of exposure, João Guilherme, which will present the attraction at your side.

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In an interview with the Rap 77 podcast, Fausto Silva also mentioned how the almost 18-year-old has a knack for television: “Sometimes you get the father of a country singer, the father of a football player, the mother of a miss, a model. girl has a face that looks like a pineapple, full of pimples, without condition, but the mother wants the girl to be a model, but the girl is not good at it.”

“The demand is very big. This is what is happening now with João Guilherme. Now he will have to start waking up early”, he said. Even assuring that João has the potential to become a presenter, he says he agrees with his son’s decision to believe in his vocation: “He has a knack for it”. Faustão also revealed that the son’s contract will be fulfilled according to the hours worked. “He’s going to be 18 now. He was like, ‘Do you even have a contract yet?’. His contract is going to be by the hour.”

The presenter pointed out that, even starting his career young, João can receive demands, in addition to malice: “It has to be really annoying, you can’t take it easy. There are demands and malice. Son of a singer has to sing better than his father”, he added.

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