Fátima Florez would have been scammed in Miami: the details

Fátima Florez had a very good summer season in Mar del Plata. Even though he started off on the wrong foot, due to the large increase in coronavirus infectionsthe capocómica managed to get ahead and that was demonstrated by the ticket office numbers.

Such was its success that a producer of Miami He decided to take his work there. At first everything was more than fine, until, apparently, they would have swindled her. The information was given Paul Layus in “Intruders” and explained: “She was performing in Miami, she did really well, sold out, but she would have been ripped off.”

And I add: “She is traveling at the moment and I could not finish communicating, but according to what they advanced, when they gave him the numbers of what had been sold, they didn’t give him anything from what had been collected”.

The news about the alleged scam has already begun to circulate. However, the artist keeps her profile low on the case. “She does not want to testify, but there is talk that clearly the numbers were not what she thought”confirmed Florence of the V.

The marquee photo of Fátima Florez.

In addition, revealed that Fátima Florez and her husband made a large investment to be able to perform abroad. This is because they had to get special visas, as well as for the people who work on her team.

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