Fátima Bernardes tests positive for Covid-19 and misses ‘The Voice Brasil’ team at the premiere

Fátima Bernardes is another famous person affected by the new wave of Covid-19. THE presenter tested positive for the virus this Monday (14), one day before the premiere of “The Voice Brasil”, which takes place this Tuesday (15) and shared the information with the public through social networks.

“The news is true: I tested positive for covid for the first time🇧🇷 With 4 vaccine doses up to date, I’m fine, but I’m still away from work until I get negative”, explained Fátima. journalist said that some episodes are already recorded.

“As we have a good front of recorded programs, the emotions of The Voice Brasil are guaranteed. Don’t miss the premiere tomorrow“, asked Bia Bonemer’s mother, who surprised by releasing her voice next to Matheus Fernandes.

Zé Neto’s wife talks about the singer’s health status

The singer Zé Neto tested positive for Covid-19 and some news that the musician had been hospitalized after a worsening health condition circulated on the internet. After the singer’s team spoke, Zé Neto’s wife also explained the situation.

“I want to say, even to calm your hearts, that he was, yes, in the hospital this morning, but he went to perform some tests that he had not done. Everything right to see how it is, the degree it is, take the right medication, do the right treatment”, explained Natália.

🇧🇷So, he’s already at home, it has good saturation, good pressure, quiet. You have to rest, drink lots of water, so he’s fine. Really went to the hospital, but not hospitalized“, he completed.

Before contracting Covid-19, Zé Neto had already been through a delicate situation. In an interview with columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the singer told about the moment when walked away from the stage again to treat rib fractures.

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