Fátima Bernardes shows off perfect legs in the sun and talks about recovery from surgery

Despite the care taken with her recovery, Fátima remained in a good mood. “With a little sun and this view, everything is better. Until I put ice on my shoulder“. In the publication, she even revealed that she will have a new review of the surgery today.. Until the closing of the story, the journalist did not inform the public about the results of the consultation.

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According to the TV Observatory website, the return of Fátima Bernardes to the “Encontro” would take place this Tuesday (16), but the return was changed to November 22. Until the end of the week, the attraction is still under the command of journalists Manoel Soares and Patrícia Poeta. During this period, the title-holder only appeared on the program to pay homage to Marília Mendonça.

Even for health reasons, the further postponement of Bernardes’ return to television became a joke on social media. “This ‘Meeting with Fátima Bernardes’ can change the name because you meet everyone but her“, joked a netizen. “The ‘Encontro com Fátima Bernardes’ became ‘Encontre Fátima Bernardes’? Where is this woman?” asked a young man.

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