Fátima Bernardes: choice of presenter is classified as ‘shot in the foot’ after test on ‘The Voice’. Understand!

Fátima Bernardes leaves “Encontro” in the coming months and prepares for an important step in her career: being the presenter of “The Voice Brasil”. According to columnist Alessandro Lo-Bianco, the star has already undergone the first tests in the new role, however, the result would have worried the broadcaster.

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According to the publication, Fátima participated in a “pre-light” for the next season, which aims to test sound and light equipment to ensure quality on the official recording days.. To simulate the program, extras were called in to represent the singers and technicians and create the ideal setting for the program.


The column states that the direction felt the lack of a positioning of the stage that dialogued more with the format of the musical program, which made the final test result below what was expected by the broadcaster’s top management.. Despite this, they were polite in letting Fatima know that “it could get better” after she asked how the performance had gone.

The recording was stored and will later be watched by other professionals involved in “The Voice Brasil”. The objective is to evaluate the positives and negatives of Fátima to align everything until the recordings officially start, in the second semester..

Also according to Lo-Bianco, Globo collaborators classified Fátima’s choice for the musical as “a shot in the foot”. Other pros, however, are betting she should pick up the pace in season two ahead of the show..

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