Father’s Day: give him knowledge!

Do you want to discover the Mag Futura and (you) offer it for Father’s Day on June 19th? It’s the right time to do it with our special offer: -20% reduction on the Mag Futura, i.e. 15 € instead of 19 €.
Order the Mag now in order to receive it on time: it will be delivered to your home. For those who order at the last minute, don’t panic: we have prepared a nice gift card to print or send by email on Father’s Day.

Mag Futura is:
– 4 large scientific files richly illustrated
– 220 pages and 60 experts
– Home delivery
Electronic gift card

Father's Day: give him knowledge!

Note that it is also possible to order several copies of the Mag Futura on our Ulule page (if you want your own copy of Mag Futura).
If you want to add a unique piece to your wardrobe, we also have the offer Mag Futura + T-shirt from our limited “Geniuses of Science” collection with iconic illustrations by Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci, Hedy Lamarr and Isaac Newton, to choose from!

To benefit from the offers mentioned, you just have to go to our Ulule page and choose the one you prefer!

Le Mag Futura: our first paper magazine to make science accessible to as many people as possible

the Mag Futura was born from a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule last October and a hard work of writing and decoding. This paper review offers you a dive into the heart of 4 scientific themes that will mark 2022, from the Earth to the Moon:

Moon dossier: what mysteries does the Moon still hide from us? Moon dossier: what mysteries does the Moon still hide from us?

Explore each of these questions in a vast accessible and fascinating file, in varied and educational formats!

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