Father for the first time, João Montez is asked and answers: “Do you miss life for two?”

Inês Gutierrez and João Montez are living a new phase of their lives. The couple became parents for the first time, to Maria Luísa, on April 14th, and in recent times they have been experiencing what is unconditional love.

This Wednesday, May 11, the TVI presenter challenged fans to leave some questions and/or curiosities about this new phase of his life and was ‘confronted’: “Do you miss life for two?”.

João Montez stressed that, with the arrival of a baby, a couple should “never” be annulled, highlighting about himself and Inês Gutierrez: “We’ve experienced so many good things together, just as a couple. And attention, warning to navigation: we will still live!”started by writing.

“This is a phase of adaptation to a new reality – much desired, by the way. Love multiplies, takes on a new expression. The arrival of a new element never means that the couple has to cancel each other out. Never. There’s always room for a life, now and then, for two. There has to be”added later.

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