Fates & Furies: A drama with a Cinderella seeking revenge

In the world of dramas, the Cinderella theme is very popular, a love story between a middle-class woman and a millionaire who comes to save her day. But what happens when Cinderella is determined to conquer the CEO, but not for love but for revenge? From secrets and hidden plans can a love story be born?

Fates & Furies is a drama korean of the SBS. With a story full of mystery and intrigue, it shows how the Korean elite abuses their positions of power and a young woman is willing to make those who hurt her family pay, even pretending to be in love with one of the main suspects in revenge. her.

Official Fates & Furies poster. // Source: Twitter @chocmagma

This series came out at the end of 2018 and drew a lot of attention for its interesting theme, in which the protagonist was not a damsel in distress and the love story had doubts about how it would unfold.

So prepare your favorite snack and find a comfortable place to binge-watch this drama that promises to catch you from the first chapter and will make you shed more than one tear.

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Reasons to see Fates & Furies, an intrigue story that will catch you

This story will catch you from the first chapter and will make you want to know who is the real culprit that the protagonist wants to take revenge on. In addition to passing courage, it will be a series that you will not be able to stop watching. Here are some reasons to watch it:

The story is about Goo Hae Ra, a talented shoemaker who is about to lose her business due to several debts and who has a sister in a coma who had tried to end her life. The protagonist is determined to find out the truth behind her sister’s illness and she will begin to get closer to one of the suspects in her sister’s suicide attempt, with whom she will somehow or another end up falling in love. And she in turn, she will begin to discover all the dirty secrets that the family hides from her.

The story has Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook as the main actors, who from the first chapter showed incredible chemistry and made you wonder how it would all end.

Well-known actors such as Soo Yi Hyun, Lee Ki Woo, and idols Yoon Hak and Lizzy also appear. Each perfectly representing their role and bringing a couple of funny scenes in the middle of the heavy plot.

It is the second drama where Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung worked together, the first being Cunning Single Lady. Similarly, the house where Tae In Joon’s (Joo Sang Wook) family lives is the same one used for Se Ri’s family in Crash Landing on You.

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Where can you see full Fates & Furies?

Fates & Furies is available on the streaming platform viki And all the chapters are free, so you don’t need a membership. You can see the trailer for the series here:

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