Fatal shot investigation: Police continue to wait for Baldwin’s cell phone

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Fatal shot investigation
Police are still waiting for Baldwin’s cell phone

On the set of the Western “Rust”, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dies after being shot from a prop weapon. To clarify the accident, the police want access to actor Alec Baldwin’s cell phone. But despite the search warrant, the investigators still haven’t got the phone.

The investigators in the fatal film shoot for the western “Rust” in the US state of New Mexico are still working to get Hollywood star Alec Baldwin’s smartphone. As the police in Santa Fe announced on Thursday, the authorities had issued a search warrant from a court in mid-December demanding that the phone be handed over.

Baldwin’s lawyers had received the request, but even after the public prosecutor had intervened, the phone had not been handed over to this day. For the police investigation, among other things, text messages, emails, social media accounts and photos on the device should be examined.

Baldwin had rejected media reports in a video message on Instagram last week that he would not fully support the investigation. Regarding the requested phone, the actor spoke of nonsense and lies in newspaper reports that he would not cooperate. This process would take time. Authorities could not just look at photos or love letters to his wife on the phone, Baldwin said in the video clip. But you have to find out the truth about the death of the camerawoman Halyna Hutchins, the actor emphasized.

42-year-old Hutchins was fatally injured while filming a film ranch in Santa Fe on October 21. Leading actor Baldwin had used the gun for a scene during the rehearsal. The ongoing investigation revealed that the Colt contained real ammunition. The police are currently investigating how this could happen.

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