Fast food restaurant worker becomes a trend after preparing the largest order in record time

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In times of pandemic, fast food consumption increased in different parts of the world. Although it is not the best healthy option, many customers consume of all kinds. However, any order was small with the one they made in Georgia, United States: they ordered 1,600 McChickens, 1,600 McDoubles and 3,200 cookies. The story was recorded in TikTok and it became trend.

Through your TikTok account (@brittanicurtis23), Brittani Marie Curtis, a worker at the establishment, revealed the largest order she received in a fast food restaurant. According to the employee, the customer ordered 6,400 products including hamburgers and chocolate cookies. To make matters worse, the order had to be ready in four hours.

“When a customer calls and says they need 1600 McChicken, 1600 McDoubles and 3200 cookies in 4 hours”said Brittani, who looked very drained after her shift. Fortunately, thanks to quick teamwork, the order was carried out. The video, which went viral immediately, showed dozens of cardboard boxes packed to the top.

The order generated a furor on social networks

As expected, the publication of Brittani Marie Curtis shook the networks and unleashed thousands of comments. “Why does a customer want such a large amount of food?” Asked several users. “Don’t lie, your girl is tired,” wrote the worker in the caption of her recording. So far, the video has already exceeded 500 thousand views.

How much did the customer pay for the order?

Brittani said that the total payment for the order of 1,600 McChickens, 1,600 McDoubles and 3,200 cookies amounted to $ 7,400. When in doubt, the protagonist of this story specified that the request was “for a local prison.”

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