Fassina: “Great anger over the breakup of the Pd-M5s in Lazio. So we throw overboard unique experiences of the left: Conte 2 and Giunta Zingaretti “

“He makes me one great anger the breakup which in these hours is being defined in the Lazio between Pd and M5sbecause in this way we throw overboard important experiences of regional and national government: the Zingaretti junta with the M5s and the Conte Due government. They both did left things. And I would hope that they repeat themselves”. These are the words of the former LeU deputy, Stephen Fassinaduring the presentation of his book, “The craft of the Left in the return of Politics”at the Roman club of the Democratic Party of Donna Olimpia.

Fassina underlines: “Politics is not like mathematics: it is not enough for you to put acronyms side by side. The acronyms must have credibility in terms of program and credibility in terms of the ruling class. For this reason I insist on the fact that we must start from experience and I have mentioned two concrete government experiences, Conte Due and the Zingaretti junta with the entry of the M5s. September 25 was a mistake, but we must repair that mistake, not deepen it. And – he continues – the story of Lazio reveals, primarily for this region, one political perspective. If we don’t rebuild the conditions for that political perspective, it must be clear to everyone that Italy is the Lazio Region a progressive government, for a phase, they forget it. Those reforms that the world of work, environmental sustainability and families dramatically need do not come”.

The former parliamentarian comments: “My book was born in anticipation of the natural expiry of the last legislature, March 2023. The goal was from September 2022 for the following 6 months to work together with the Democratic Party and the M5s to define a reading and some common program line. This was not possible but this work must be carried out with concrete choices because politics is not an abstract reflection. Today this is the match being played in the Lazio Region and which has not only a regional but also a national reach“.

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