Fashionista reveals her trick to buy jeans for less than 5 dollars on Black Friday

Unusual. Fashionistas have in the black friday a great opportunity to purchase your dream garments at totally discounted prices. And it is that this Friday, November 25, thousands of stores in the United States, Spain and around the world open their doors (or web pages) so that buyers can find the best products to give at Christmas or give themselves a gift. Although there are many offers that are promoted, others are usually hidden and only the most astute manage to find them. Here we leave you the trick that a fashionista revealed in TikTok to get you a new pair of jeans for less than 5 dollars.

Is about Edyta Kulak () who used his personal account to explain in a video that there is a website with discounts that no one can miss: Mango Outlet. The publication was made on November 20 showing some of the most outstanding trends of this retailer.

“The only store I will go to on Black Friday. Guaranteed to have the absolute lowest prices”wrote about the images in which his walk through the different sections of the web was seen and where they highlighted the modest amounts that must be paid for jeans, leggings, among other garments.

Since you uploaded it to TikTok, the video is sweeping views for the deals it showed priced in euros: skinny jeans for just £2.99, cotton joggers for £5.99 and leggings for £4.49. It is worth noting that currently one euro is equivalent to 1.04 US dollars.

It wasn’t all there, as Edyta Kulak also revealed that she found a comfortable oversized sweatshirt for £2.99 and culottes for £2.99, among many other items. “GIRLS, RUN!!! Any Mango Outlet fans around here?he added.

This 2022 is not the first year that she buys on this website in black friday. “I’ve been ordering there every year for BF, never had a problem”explained in his recording that it has already been viewed more than 64 thousand times and the comments do not stop coming, as they emphasize from .

Watch the viral video here


Black Friday or Black Friday is an event that marks the beginning of year-end shopping on the occasion of the proximity of Christmas. Without a doubt, it is the opportunity to save and buy Christmas gifts.

The offers are given in products of different categories such as technology, electronics, computers, home, kitchen, clothing, fashion, sports, video games, toys, trades, music, travel, food, beauty, books, among others. They all add up to the biggest day of consumerism.

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