Farmer Mathias’ rollmops breakfast: ex-candidates shocked!

Does this really look like a perfect breakfast at Mathias Kreiss? The organic farmer at Bauer sucht Frau is currently looking for his dream woman. There was no spark between him and Melina – the single lady has left. Well lies Mathias‘Focus entirely on applicant Sabrina. The farmer now served her a hangover breakfast with rollmops, onions and vodka – not exactly the best love recipe for some ex-candidates!

In the “Bauer sucht Frau” special “Stable Whisperer” Former participants of the dome show also take a look at the current episode. In doing so, they join Mathias‘Menu almost out of your mind. “I would throw up on the plate”, clarified farmer Uwe Abel (51). Narumol can hardly believe it either: “Huh, vodka?” The Thai woman probably prefers orange juice in the morning. And lady-in-waiting Antonia is also confused: “How can you serve roll pugs to a woman for breakfast?” But your loved one reacts promptly with the statement: “If this goes down well, I’ll do it for you too!”

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However, it is probably not just on Mathias‘To criticize culinary skills – even suckler cow farmers Nils Kloess does not get off well with the ex-candidates. He served his chosen one namely a cheese platter with pickled onions. “Can’t you even give the men a crash course on what to serve the women? But no pickled onions. They have my fullest respect.”explained Antonia. Uwe On the other hand, he saw it calmly: “The farmers are just a little more rustic!”

You can find all the information and consequences of “Bauer sucht Frau” on RTLplus.

Uwe and Iris Abel
Narumol and Farmer Josef in Thailand
Farmer Patrick and his girlfriend Antonia Hemmer

Instagram / antonia_hemmer

Farmer Patrick and his girlfriend Antonia Hemmer

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