"Farmer is looking for a woman internationally": Kisses here, kisses there, will we soon be a married couple?

“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”
Kisses here, kisses there, will we be a married couple soon?

By Kai Butterweck

In Canada and South Africa, new paths are set in search of happiness in love. In the south of France, Peru and Alsace they are a few steps further. Here the farm parents are already dreaming of marital bliss. Should there be a happy ending on all farms this time?

Time’s running. Slowly but surely, the international courtyards are turning in the direction of the home stretch. For Hans and Rüdiger, this means: An important decision still has to be made, after all, at the end of the day, you only want to try your luck in love with a queen of hearts.

Farmer Hans makes an important decision.

(Photo: RTL)

In the vastness of Canada, the ladies Nina and Danielle are available for selection. The two chosen ones have been thinking a lot about how the somewhat reserved Hans “ticks emotionally” for a few days. After a cozy chat with the ladies on the veranda, the farmer joins them and looks deep into Danielle’s eyes: “Would you like to go on a trip?” Hans asks the visibly surprised woman from Hamburg. Shortly thereafter, the two are already sitting in the beautiful Gatineau Park and are exchanging their first serious thoughts and feelings.

Warm farewell words

For Hans, the profound afternoon causes a rethinking in terms of strategy. Instead of continuing to look at things more comfortably from a distance, the farmer is now going on the offensive. At the same time, the new orientation marks the end of Nina’s dream of love. Hans would like to spend the last days of the farm week with Danielle: “I wish Hans and Danielle all the happiness in the world!” Nina says as we say goodbye. Respect for so much empathy. Such warm words are rarely heard in comparable situations.

What has finally been decided in Canada should also pave the way for more togetherness in South Africa. Asparagus farmer Rüdiger doesn’t beat about the bush at all. Although both women are “a feast for the eyes”, he can only imagine a future with the blonde Martina, says Rüdiger. Competitor Christine bursts into tears at the announcement – but not out of sheer disappointment, but out of joy: “I’m so happy for you!”, the Tyrolean rejoices. Martina and Rüdiger celebrate the decision on the high seas, on the deck of a snazzy catamaran, in a good mood and lots of champagne. Shortly before sunset, the couple glances towards Table Mountain and lovingly kisses a few cheeks.

Simone is ready for the next step

Kissing and hugging is also on the agenda in the Peruvian jungle. Saxon Simone now feels “very comfortable and in good hands” with her coffee farmer Felix. The 58-year-old is even ready for the next step. After an eventful day at work on the plantation, they have their first kiss in the shell of the future (Felix is ​​building another house for himself). “I would also like to make out with Felix a bit,” admits Simone with a cheeky grin on her face.

In this regard, the two lovebirds Justin and Stefanie have been in intensive training for a while. The French potato farmer and his Lower Austrian medical assistant are now of the same heart. Justin’s mom and dad Claude also get wet eyes: “You’re like a happy married couple, just like us!” Justin’s father is happy.

Happy ending for everyone?

That leaves vintner Rolinka and nature lover Frank. The couple, who are happy about “countless similarities” while slurping oysters on the Mediterranean coast, are also on the right track. There’s a lot of fooling around between the olive trees and the chicken coop: “We’re on the same page about so many things,” Frank says happily. But we won’t find out whether it’s enough for great love in the end until next week, when chief matchmaker Inka Bause moderates the last format episode for the time being. It would be nice if this time there was a happy ending on all farms.

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