"Farmer is looking for a wife" – the finale: Attention, danger of explosion!

“Farmer is looking for a wife” – the finale
Attention, danger of explosion!

By Kai Butterweck

The big “Bauer sucht Frau” finale brings them all together again: those who are still in each other’s arms after the show and those for whom the spark just didn’t want to fly. A volcano called Helena is also a guest – much to the chagrin of organic farmer Theo.

Eleven episodes full of love, drama and emotions! Inka Bause can’t believe that the colorful forest and meadow happiness between North Friesland and the Allgäu is already over. But one highlight is still ahead of everyone involved: the grand finale! Somewhere in rural nowhere everything is now ready: liters of freshly tapped beer, a hearty appetizer buffet and an expectant hostess, who also pulls the first couple aside for the season analysis. Inka Bause immediately goes full throttle and confronts hobby farmer Erik and his lady-in-waiting Julia with still lukewarm memories. “Why didn’t it work out with you two?” Inka wants to know.

The Thuringian farmer doesn’t have to think long: “I was somehow overwhelmed by the overall situation,” admits Erik. A certain amount of excessive demands would have been acceptable for Julia. “At some point he addressed me three times by the name of his ex-girlfriend,” reports the blonde. Not only Inka makes big eyes. So the beginning of a new relationship is of course a bit difficult.

A pledge of allegiance with an expired shelf life

A final group photo.

(Photo: RTL/Andreas Friese)

In addition to Erik and Julia, other couples also have bad news in their luggage. So the two hotheads Jan Hendrik and Simmental breeder Michael K., who were still ready to court at the beginning, had to put their love plans on file, as did the second season Michael and his personnel clerk Mandy. For the latter, despite the supposed oath of allegiance on the show (“I would go to the end of the world with you”), everyday life proved to be an insurmountable hurdle: “Michael suddenly had to work for six weeks straight. After that, unfortunately, nothing came,” says Mandy sulkily .

The cattle farmer from Lower Saxony doesn’t have much to say in his defence. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. With this knowledge, barn festival fury Helena must also learn to live. Farmer Theo, who is now in a relationship with farm neighbor Andrea, was supposed to walk hand in hand with the 62-year-old through the location for the grand finale. Theo rejected Helena shortly after they first met. The spirited candidate has still not digested this emotional blow.

“You treated me like…”

In a large group, Helena launches a verbal counterattack. You didn’t really get to know me. You treated me like a…!”, the candidate rumbled with a red head. It quickly became clear: Theo, who otherwise didn’t exactly fall on his mouth, didn’t get away with it as easily as at the barn festival this time. While all the listeners were a bit embarrassed Turning the page, Helena continues to shoot from all tubes. Only in a six-eye conversation with Inka does the farmer from North Rhine-Westphalia find his way back on track. Still visibly agitated by the previous continuous fire from his seat neighbor, Theo finally gets to the point in a Theo-like manner: “You explode just too fast for me,” says the farmer. Well, there is indeed something to it, although you can understand the bad mood in the Helena house.

The ways of love are unfathomable. Nobody knows that better than Inka Bause. Now a few farmers and their companions are also in the picture. In the end, however, all negative thoughts remain outside the door. After all, when the beer is flowing, the appetizer plates are making the rounds and the format boss invites you to the big extra-time party, everyone should be in a good mood. And so almost everyone present dances to the sounds of the Bause hit “Lebensmelodie” on the tables. We like to dance with you. And now everyone: “Every place has a song and I know for sure I’ll never forget you. You’re the melody of my life … tralitrala!”

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