"Farmer is looking for a wife": Final sprint for great love

“Farmer is looking for a wife”
Final sprint for great love

By Kai Butterweck

The big season finale is just around the corner and on some farms people are already thinking a few steps ahead. Between balloon fun and pedal boat fun, a few bitter tears are also shed.

Shortly before the big “Bauer sucht Frau” finale, show companion Inka Bause draws a first summary. With a satisfied smile on her face, the chief matchmaker reveals that some courts are already in overtime. The butterflies in the stomachs of the two horse friends Ulf and Anna Lina have doubled in the meantime: “Of course we are in love!”, the qualified horse farmer says happily. It works with Ulf on all levels, says the overjoyed candidate. After the farm week there is already a lively exchange of visits. Sometimes Ulf visits his Anna Lina at the horse farm, sometimes it’s the other way around. In beautiful Schleswig-Holstein, two have found each other who don’t want to let go of each other.

Liebesbote Amor has also done a great job in Lower Saxony. Cheesemaker Arne and his Antje are already busy making plans to move. A spontaneous wall breakthrough from the unrenovated to the renovated living area marks the beginning of a structural love offensive: “I feel like I’m in a fairy tale,” Arne whispers to his Antje while grilling cheese. In the evening, the two lovebirds dance together. After five waltz steps, the eyes sparkle like freshly cut diamonds: “I’m so looking forward to our future,” Antje cheers.

Young farmer Max is blown away

Farmer Jörg and his Patricia are making plans to move.

(Photo: RTL/Stefan Gregorowius)

While the Westphalian farmer Theo and his Andrea send colorful love balloons up into the sky, Max and Anna from the Palatinate treat themselves to a relaxing trip on a pedal boat. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the crimson Max puts together his own personal sentence of the year: “When we hold hands together, I just hide everything around me,” admits the young farmer with a trembling voice.

Nurse cow owner Jörg and his Patricia are also on cloud nine courting towards the future. Above the rooftops of “the green lungs of the Ruhrpott” (that’s how Patricia describes her hometown of Duisburg), the couple in love are making plans to move, which are still unfinished and on shaky ground. “I work for the city of Duisburg and I committed myself to my job for four years,” explains the blonde with the jittery attitude. Jörg is initially disappointed, but soon shows understanding: “Then we’ll wait another four years before moving,” says the farmer steadfastly and confidently.

No luck in love for Maik and Martin

Things are not going quite so smoothly on the farms of Almbauer Martin and cattle farmer Maik. The latter reaches its limits when making pizza. Lady-in-waiting Cathrin doubts: “He’s just not independent at all,” grumbles the product manager in the pet industry. The tense emotional situation ends in an open conversation on the North Sea beach. Not only Cathrin struggles with negative thoughts. Maik also hoped for more from the Hofwoche. Both of them are kind of out of breath. Tears flow. Out the mouse.

A few hundred kilometers further south, you also draw a premature line. Despite a cheese spaetzle highlight with the family, organic farmer Martin and his Carola agree that things didn’t really spark between the two. So the courtship phase of the 18th “Bauer sucht Frau” season ends with a lot of light, but also some shadows. The only question that remains is: what happened to the supposedly happy couple after the shooting? Inka Bause will bring light into the darkness at the big format finale tomorrow. We’ll put the beer cold.

(This article was first published on Monday, November 14, 2022.)

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