"Farmer is looking for a wife": "Farmer is looking for a wife"-Star Gottfried has butterflies in his stomach again

The TV news in the GALA ticker: “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate Gottlieb has butterflies in his stomach again +++ GNTM candidate Vivien Sterk is engaged +++ “Marriage at first sight” – Serkan reacts to the baby news by Ex Samantha.

TV news 2022 in the GALA ticker

August 6, 2022

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: After Martina’s death, farmer Gottfried’s heart is taken again

The sadness is still deep, but farmer Gottfried is looking ahead again. The “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate only lost his wife Martina in December 2021. His lady-in-waiting from 2014 succumbed to her cancer. But now the sun is shining again for the TV favorite. According to rtl.de, the Black Forest man has fallen in love and diligently shares couple photos on his private Facebook profile.

“My new happiness” is said to have commented on the wonderful insights. A message that should make his fans happy. Gottfried suffered greatly from the death of his wife. He met the veterinary assistant Martina in the tenth season of “Bauer sucht Frau” in 2014 and was immediately blown away. Sparks were already flying at the barn festival and in 2019 the wedding bells rang. A love that unfortunately didn’t last long The farmer announced the death of his loved ones at the beginning of 2022. A terrible blow of fate that he had to experience for the second time: he already lost his previous partner far too early his heart is not closed to terrible losses.

August 5, 2022

“Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate Vivien said “yes”.

Model mom Heidi Klum, 49, is also happy about this news: One of her “girls” is engaged. Vivien Sterk, 22, took part in this year’s season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” and made it far. Before the semifinals, however, the pretty blonde was eliminated. But things are going really well for Vivien when it comes to love.

As she shares with her almost 40,000 followers on Instagram, her lover Kerem proposed to her while on vacation in Greece. “We chose eternity. I said yes,” the 22-year-old announces the happy news of two snapshots in which she holds her sparkling engagement ring with a square diamond in front of the camera. In addition to their fans, their GNTM colleagues are also enthusiastic about the news. Among other things, Luca writes: “Omg wow! How nice! Congratulations.” Vanessa Kunz, 20, wishes the two lovebirds “the best” and Fata Hasanovic, 25, who took part in the casting show in 2016, and Elisa Schattenberg, 21, who was there last year, congratulate the couple.

“Marriage at first sight”: That’s what Serkan says about Ex Samantha’s baby news

A few days ago, Samantha surprisingly announced that she is pregnant again. Her fans were ecstatic with the former Marriage at First Sight contestant, but wondered who the father could be. Because of Serkan, whom she said yes to on the show in 2019 and with whom she has a son, she separated at the beginning of July.

Serkan now comments on this to “Promiflash”. “Samantha is old enough to know what she’s doing. She will decide for herself whether or not she wants to betray her father. I won’t prejudge her,” he says, adding that Samantha will surely solve the mystery soon. Referring to the failed marriage, he notes, “There are big reasons we broke up and they were no small things. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions in our lives, but I think it was the right one.”

August 4, 2022

This decision fundamentally changes the life of “Let’s Dance” professional Ekat

The shaking and trembling is finally over! “Let’s Dance” professional Ekaterina Leonova, 35, can hardly believe it herself. “After 15 long years, I hold my permanent residence permit (a settlement permit) in my hands,” she wrote on an Instagram picture of herself with the dancer showing her ID card, beaming with joy holds up to the camera.

Headlines like “‘Ekat is about to be deported’, ‘Ekat is urgently looking for a job so as not to be deported’ or ‘Ekat will marry soon because she wants to stay in Germany'” are over once and for all. From now on her motto is: “When Ekat works, it’s because she enjoys the job… When Ekat gets married, it’s because she loves her spouse… And when Ekat flies to Russia, it’s because she wants to visit her family [sic]”. How nice!

“Bauer sucht Frau” stars Patrick and Antonia react to rumors of separation

Patrick Romer, 26, and Antonia Hemmer, 22, got to know and love each other in 2020 in the 16th season of “Bauer sucht Frau”. Since then, the beautician and the cattle breeder have been in a happy relationship. The fact that Patrick runs his farm on Lake Constance in Baden-Württemberg, while Antonia lives in Hanover, doesn’t seem to diminish their love. The relationship at a distance is not a problem for the two, as Antonia revealed to “Promiflash” a few months ago. But now rumors of separation have been circulating on social media for a few days. The reason: It was unusually quiet on the 22-year-old’s Instagram account.

A fan took this as an opportunity to ask Patrick about his relationship status. In a personal message, which the farmer now shares in his story, it says: “When will you announce that you are separated?” The 26-year-old didn’t hesitate and put an end to the speculation. “Antonia, back with you on Friday,” he writes about the repost. Antonia also speaks up and says: “Oh maaaan, people … everything is fine with us. See you Friday. Please chill out.” A clear announcement that puts an end to the rumours.

August 3, 2022

Ex-GNTM candidate Vanessa Tamkan and husband Roman have split up

They were happy for seven years and have been parents to their son Carlo Cem since 2021, now the spouses Vanessa, 25, and Roman Tamkan are going their separate ways. The GNTM candidate from 2019 announces this with a long statement on Instagram.

I want to make it short and painless, even if the subject is painful. We broke up,” writes Vanessa. She doesn’t want to reveal the reason, but I have a request: ““Leaving speculation and jokes aside,” because “no one but the two of us knew our relationship as it really was,” Tamkan admits. For their son, both parents want to remain a team and for his sake no additional “information or details to to announce our separation”.

August 2, 2022

“Goodbye Germany”: Naked bathing fun at Caro Robens

“Goodbye Germany” star Caroline “Caro” Robens, 47, with her husband Andreas Robens, 55, has almost unveiled bathing fun in Menorca. The emigrant posted a snapshot of her vacation on Instagram where she poses (almost) topless: her lover replaces the bikini top with his hands.

“Our 1st day at the beach this year. Sensational! You have to go on vacation for that,” says the photo description. Mixed feelings are spreading among the followers, as the reactions to the holiday snapshot show. “Have a good time, you look great [sic]”Confirms a user. Another appears with the words “Caro has to be that ??? [sic]”rather skeptical. But the “Summer House of the Stars” participant reacts calmly and confidently as always: “Yes, why not?” So the couple can’t take the holiday joy away.

August 1, 2022

“Let’s Dance” tour takes place without Massimo Sinató

“Let’s Dance” is also going on tour this year. The stars of the popular dance show can be seen live on the main stage in a total of 22 shows from the end of October. RTL has now announced which professional dancers the viewers can look forward to. On the live tour, Ekaterina Leonova, Kathrin Menzinger, Renata and Valentin Lusin, Christina Luft, Andrzej Cibis, Malika Dzumaev, Zsolt Sandor Cseke, Vadim Garbuzov, Marta Arndt, Evgeny Vinokurov, Alexandru and Patricija Ionel, Jesse Wijnans, Regina Luca and Dimitar Stefanin will be there.

As excited as fans of the show might be at the sight of this list, it also has one disappointment in store. Because a fan favorite is missing: Massimo Sinató, 41. He has been an integral part of “Let’s Dance” for over ten years and has twice won the title “Dancing Star” and once the professional challenge. At the upcoming live spectacle in autumn, the spectators will now have to do without him.

“Marriage at First Sight”: Pregnancy News!

In 2019, Samantha and Serkan said yes to “Wedding at First Sight”. In March 2021 their son saw the light of day. But several weeks ago, the two reality stars announced their separation. Shortly thereafter, Samantha revealed that she will now raise her son without Serkan’s support. Now the reality TV actress surprises her fans with a sweet announcement: she is pregnant again.

She posts a series of photos in which her son admires and caresses Mama’s already pronounced baby bump. “Our little family is growing and I’m really looking forward to our future together. My little big brother is going to be a big brother and as you can see he can’t wait to hold his sibling in his arms [sic]”, writes Samantha. However, “Sammy” does not reveal whether Serkan is the father of her unborn child.

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