Farewell to Vitaliano Trevisan, writer and actor. Gassmann: "Fragile and visionary"

Vitaliano Trevisan, actor, writer and playwright, who died at the age of 61

Veneto, 8 January 2022 – Mourning in the world of culture. AND Vitaliano Trevisan died at the age of 61, writer, actor and playwright originally from Sandrigo, in the Vicenza area.
Trevisan’s lifeless body was found in his home in Crespadoro, also in the province of Vicenza.
Trevisan achieved notoriety in 2002 with the novel “I quindicimila passi”.
In 2003 he was lead actor and co-writer of the film “First love “by Matteo Garrone; then he played an important role in the television series “RIS Rome – Imperfect crimes”.
“Hi Vitaliano. We met too briefly, but the work with you on Riccardo Terzo, your adaptation, had connected us – it is the memory of Alessandro Gassmann on social media -. You spoke little, like me, you smoked a lot, like me, I will miss you a lot: you were and will remain a profound, fragile and visionary human being “.
“On behalf of the municipal administration – says the mayor of Vicenza, Francesco Rucco – I express my condolences for the untimely death of Vitaliano Trevisan, an eclectic artist from Vicenza whose talents as a writer, actor and director have on several occasions been recognized nationally and internationally. Critical spirit, often against the tide, to Vicenza and to the cultural life of the city Vitaliano Trevisan has always remained linked in his own way, until his very recent participation in the film ‘The Rua. The magic of Vicenza‘, produced by the Municipality with the association Committee for the Rua di Vicenza “.

Luca Zaia: “Extraordinary and multifaceted figure”

”With Vitaliano Trevisan the Venetian, Vicentine and national culture, loses an extraordinary and multifaceted figure, who was successful in all areas in which he ventured: from literature to screenplay, from theater to acting ”.
With these words, the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, recalls the figure of the writer, actor, playwright and screenwriter from Vicenza, who died prematurely.
” From the novel ‘The fifteen thousand steps’ with which the Campiello Europe making himself appreciated by the whole world of national culture – continues Zaia – to successful books such as ‘Il ponte, un crollo’ and ‘Grotteschi e Arabeschi’, to the theatrical adaptation of ‘Giulietta’ by Fellini, the career of this incessant producer of culture has given us countless examples of the highest value, accompanied by that extra touch that only brilliant people possess ”. ” I express my deepest condolences to the family, to those who loved him and appreciated his works – concludes Zaia. The Venetian and Vicentine culture will never forget it ”.

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