Farewell to Pavel Chrastina († 81): He was accompanied by his Olympic

Chrastina called his friends and daughter before the holidays, complaining that he had fallen in the subway and broken his arm and pelvis. After the operation, he developed pneumonia and died on December 28. It was a shock. Zuzana, who lives in America, where her father was for years after her stay in Australia, could not arrive. The covid measures did not allow her to go to the funeral, due to limited flights she was unable to buy a ticket to the Czech Republic. In the first place, the widow Eva Chrastinová Dudková sat down. The former TV announcer is after a bypass operation and unfortunately has severe consequences. He walks badly, mostly using a wheelchair. Her daughter and granddaughter accompanied her to the funeral and provided her with support.

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A friend, classmate and relative of another member of the Olympic group, Jeňýk Pacák († 65), film historian Milica Pechánková (76), spoke over the coffin. “You were a nice guy, you knew how to bring fame in civil,” praised the deceased. “You had a wonderful talk, you had a lot of empathy.” Then she recalled Chrastin’s stay abroad.

Petr Janda at the funeral of Pavel Chrastina

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“When she sang here in Melantrich Marta Kubišová Prayer, you were in Australia and then in California. After your return to the Czech Republic, you met with happiness in the form of your wife Eva, “ added Pechánková. The coffin with the remains symbolically drove to the sounds of a song performed by Petr Janda (79).

From lyrics to movies

Pavel Chrastina wrote lyrics for the hits Give Me More of Your Love, Turtle, Wolverine Bird and Perhaps I Caused It. He then studied documentary at FAMU and worked at ČST in the children’s broadcasting department. During the period of normalization he left for Krátký film and in 1980 he emigrated via Yugoslavia.

Petr Janda: 20 years old wedding shoes were put on Janeček’s celebration!

Janda is terrified of the future

Petr Janda assured that he would celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Olympic group more than his own 80th birthday. “We don’t know the day or the hour,” he said grimly.

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