Farewell to Kamila Moučková († 92): The ashes will be scattered in two places!

“Mom loved it there, so I have to take care of it,” said Aha! at the last farewell in the church U Salvátora in the Old Town of Katka. Kamila had her with her husband, actor Miloš Willig († 58), her other two children, Bára (71) and Ondřej (65), come from a second marriage with doctor Moučka. All three met in the chapel, although it was not clear until recently whether Bara would be able to come. She has severe diabetes and triple bypass and last year she received a very bad form of covid, which confined her to bed for a long time. “It simply came to our notice then. I think my mom’s watching me from above, “ admitted Bara, who seemed to fall out of Kamila’s eye.

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The last farewell to Kamila Moučková († 92): A year after her death, her last wish came

“We have come to thank you for the honor and courage she has shown in the difficult times of our nation.” said the priest Václav Malý, who was one of Kamila’s friends. Daughter Kateřina also spoke. “Kamča told how, once she was working on television, she was approached by a colleague who was having problems at work. Kamila told her that she would definitely act like a lady in her place. She would send them all to shit, “Kateřina Frodl Willigová reproduced the old interview.

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Světlana Witowská: You’re missing, Kamila

Moderator Světlana Witowská (48) wrote the book Head Against the Wall in Kamila Moučková in 2020. She first told me and then I told her. She had a perfect overview until the last moment, “said Svetlana. “Thank you, I miss you and I think you would be happy with the outcome of the election.” added the moderator.

Kamila Moučková’s daughter († 92) Kateřina: Shocking find during funeral preparations!

She was baptized

Many mourners wondered why the farewell was in the evangelical church. After all, everyone knows that she was a member of the Communist Party for a while. The explanation surprised many. In 2006, Kamila was baptized in the Břevnov Monastery.

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