Farewell to Dalimil Klapka († 89): The family refused the honor guard!

The Na Fidlovačce Theater will open for fans of his art tomorrow at 11 am. Dalimil Klapka, in whose voice Grandpa Simpson and Lieutenant Colombo spoke, he has worked here for the last ten years, even celebrating his eighty-fifths here on a large scale. That’s why the actors were interested in who would stand on stage by the coffin of honor guard. But the family rejected this habit! According to the Aha! a friend of the deceased Jiří Klem (78) speaks over the coffin.

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They worked together in the former Realistic, now Švanda Theater. Dalimil played here for more than thirty years. At 1 p.m., the theater will close to the public and Dalimil will say goodbye to his family and closest friends. The actor Antonín Hardt (86) certainly belongs among them. “We met seventy years ago! After DAMU, we met year after year in wine bars, Jana Werichová also studied with us, we went to their villa. Dalimil will always be with me, “the actor recalled.

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