Fantastic Four didn’t even debut in the MCU and already makes a gigantic mistake

The Fantastic Four will finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) on November 8, 2024. But long before it debuts, a big mistake is being made about the team.

The Fantastic Four has unfortunately never had a truly authentic film adaptation, but it is hoped that the next iteration of the MCU will finally do the group justice.

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While Marvel Studios generally respects the superhero source material it adapts, the latest news about the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie is a worrying development for a highly anticipated film.

The story of the Fantastic Four in theaters consists of an unreleased 1994 film and three more released by 20th Century Fox.

All four films were poorly received, making the upcoming MCU version potentially the first quality adaptation of the Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four’s Worrying Situation

In an interview about upcoming Marvel Studios movies and series, Kevin Feige hinted that the MCU’s Fantastic Four will skip the origin story, due to the general public’s familiarity with it.

Feige may be right that the Fantastic Four’s origin story is well known at this point, but to ignore it in the way that recent Spider-Man and Batman movies have skipped over the origins of their respective heroes would be a mistake.

We’ve seen countless well-received Spider-Man and Batman origin stories on film, so the more recent adaptations of heroes that ignore them are understandable.

The Fantastic Four, however, have yet to have a really good movie, so the best move for the MCU is to start over and disregard the previous adaptations so they can finally make a movie from the group that is comic-worthy.

Fantastic Four opens on November 8, 2024 in theaters.

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