Fans don’t like the new appearances of Awesome Three Spies

In the wave of revivals, a famous cartoon bought the idea. Três Espiãs Demais, a classic of TV Globinho in Brazil, returns with the seventh season and giving new appearances to Sam, Alex and Clover.

The French portal Gossip Room had access to the first poster of the seventh season. The protagonists of Três Espiãs Too Much gained new traits and hairstyles.

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On social media, viewers criticized the choice. Those more nostalgic believe that the new traits are spoiling the characters.

Some focused on Clover. Netizens even made jokes about the new hair of the character of Three Spies Too Much.

Check out the poster and reactions below.

Animator Revealed New Season of All Spies

Animator Thomas Astruc announced on Twitter that a new season of Três Espiãs Too Much, a classic TV show Globinho, is in development.

“I don’t know if everyone knows this on the Internet, but I just found out that Awesome Three is getting a new season! Let’s go!”, wrote the animator on the social network.

The animator is not involved with the new season of Totally Spies. However, he expressed that he is very excited about the project.

Totally Spies revolves around teenagers Alex, Clover and Sam, who must share their ordinary teenage lives with secret spying.

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Check out a synopsis of the design below.

“Under the care of the director of the World Human Protection Organization, three girls from Beverly Hills become secret agents.”

“They fight international crime and go to school to maintain the quality of their grades.”

Três Espiãs Demais originally had six seasons, being a very popular cartoon from the old TV Globinho. More details about the new season should be revealed soon.

It is not yet known whether the new season of Spies Too Much should be shown on a channel or a streaming service.

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