fans disturbed: "conjuring" is North West’s (9) favorite film

North West (9) uploaded a TikTok post with an unusual confession. The little daughter of Kim Kardashian (42) and her ex-husband Kanye West (45) shares a common TikTok account with her mother, but it mainly shows the 9-year-old. Among many other curious videos, one caught the eye last Sunday: Told in a short clip Norththat her favorite movie is a horror movie!

The fact that the minor uploads videos to the social media platform should Kim and kanye always cause quarrels. The entrepreneur claimed her daughter would only use the app under adult supervision. Nevertheless, last Sunday the girl had the opportunity to post a video in which she claimed that her favorite movie was the thriller flick The Conjuring. In just a few hours, the video received several 100,000 views. Statements of the American magazine MailOnline according to had kanye previously tried to ban his daughter from using the app. Wanted to North so annoy your parents with this video?

In any case, it’s not known if the celebrity couple’s daughter actually watched the film or not. The video now seems to have been deleted from the TikTok platform. Whether this act will impact the 9-year-old’s future social media behavior remains to be seen.

Kanye and North West

Instagram / kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian with her daughter North West
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West, Virgil Abloh Memorial Show

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