Fans discover star of "It" hidden in special effects in "eternal" and lament: "Waste"

Bill Skarsgård, star of It – A Coisa (2017), surprised fans, who discovered his presence in eternal, released in theaters recently. Audiences were disappointed with Bill’s performance, who was hidden in the special effects when playing the deviant character Kro.

For the creation of Kro, the production used special effects known as CGI (computer-generated imagery). It was only then, after a newly released video showing behind the scenes of the recordings, that fans noticed the star’s presence.

In the short shot, the Swedish actor is wearing a costume with a performance capture camera and small lighting fixture aimed directly at his face. The scene appears to be Kro’s encounter in the cave with Thena (Angelina Jolie) during the final confrontation, and the two dance. Netizens, however, appeared to be more disappointed than excited, considering Bill’s performance in It.

“My God, they wasted such a good actor. Kro doesn’t even get a name in the movie and has nothing to do. Skarsgård deserved better,” lamented one. “I’m still shocked to find out he was in this movie. But I would definitely love to see him play another character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” said another.

“I remember that after watching ‘Eternals’, I went to the IMDB site and saw Skarsgård’s name and I didn’t remember him in the movie. So I looked up who he was and realized I completely forgot about that character”, commented another. Others, however, expressed satisfaction with the likelihood that the actor would participate in another role in a Marvel production.

In addition to It, Skarsgård starred in The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016), Castle Rock (2018-2019) e Hemlock Grove (2013-2015).

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