Fans curious: does Pietro Lombardi pay maintenance for Alessio?

Pietro Lombardi (30) reports to his fans with clear words! The singer and his fiancée Laura Maria Rypa (26) are currently expecting their first baby together. The couple have already revealed that they are expecting a boy. The DSDS juror already has a son named Alessio (7) with his ex-wife Sarah Engels (30). The two musicians take care of him together. But to what extent involved Peter also financially?

In a Q&A on Instagram a curious follower wanted to know if Peter much maintenance Sarah have to pay. “I think it doesn’t matter how much or not you pay. In the end it’s about the kid and every dad should do his job. Period. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 100 euros a month or 5,000 euros. Fulfill your duties and then it’s good”he replied, criticizing that unfortunately too many men nowadays refuse to give anything for their child.

Sounds like Alessio can always rely on his dad – that seems to be the case too Pietros apply to an unborn child. “Can’t wait! I already love the little one more than anything”enthused the 30-year-old and at the same time made his partner a declaration of love.

Instagram / lauramaria.rpa

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa with Alessio in September 2022

Facebook / Sarah Lombardi

Pietro, Sarah and Alessio Lombardi in June 2016

Instagram / pietrolombardi

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa, June 2022

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