Fans are concerned about the cancellation of Blacklist

Blacklist, one of TV’s most popular crime series, may be coming to an end! At least, that’s what fans of the production suspect. News left viewers of The Blacklist in an uproar. So enthusiasts want to know: Will the Blacklist really be cancelled?

“After turning himself in to the police, a brilliant fugitive offers help to the FBI, but only if rookie Elizabeth Keen is his partner,” reads the official synopsis of The Blacklist on Netflix.

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Along with James Spader, The Blacklist cast includes Megan Boone (Liz Keen), Diego Klattenhoff (Donald Ressler), Ryan Eggold (Tom Keen), Amir Arison (Aram Mojtabai), Mozhan Marnó (Samar Navabi) and Hisham Tawfiq (Dembe Zuma).

We reveal below everything The Blacklist fans need to know about the (possible) cancellation of the series; check out.

According to fans, Blacklist will be canceled

First, it is worth remembering that The Blacklist has already been renewed for season 10. The new episodes will air from February 2023 on the American broadcaster NBC.

That is: fans will be able to check out at least one more season until the alleged cancellation of the series.

Even so, many viewers believe that Season 10 of The Blacklist will be its last. The reason? The series will air at a very different time.

At the end of season 8, Blacklist loses one of the most important characters: Liz Keen, played by Megan Boone.

Many people believed that production would come to an end with Boone’s departure. However, given the charisma of James Spader, Blacklist secured the renewal for another year.

However, something new has fans worried. From 2023, Black List will be shown every Sunday at 8 pm.

While the move isn’t a death knell, it does pose some problems for the series’ development.

Airing on Sundays, The Blacklist airs alongside A Equalizadora – a series with solid ratings. Therefore, Red’s plot may lose out to Queen Latifah’s thriller, which eventually may lead to the cancellation of production.

In a world marked by streaming, traditional broadcasters are increasingly competitive. To secure a renewal, the series need to reach a high level of audience, which will be difficult for Blacklist.

“I will literally shock. With the airing on Sundays, I think they’re going to kill the Blacklist audience. Then the series will be cancelled. We won’t see James Spader for a while until he needs money again. I think I’m going to die with this absence”, commented a fan of the series on social networks.

But fans need not despair! At least so far, the cancellation of Blacklist is nothing more than speculation.

The 10th season of The Blacklist premieres in the United States on February 26, 2023. In the meantime, you can check out the episodes of the series on Netflix🇧🇷

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