Fans are ANGRY after Netflix cancels two more series…

Netflix is ​​not kidding and continues to cancel several of its series without prior notice. The new victims of the time are the legal drama ‘Hierarchy‘ and the sci-fi ‘imperfect🇧🇷

‘Hierarchy’ premiered on August 26, while ‘imperfect‘ hit the catalog on September 8th.

The reason for the cancellation was because none of the series reached the expectations of the streaming service, with each one spending only three weeks on the TOP 10 – not as long as the series that are usually renewed for new seasons.

On social media, fans were outraged by the cancellations:

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Based on the novel by Helen Wan, ‘Hierarchy‘ brought Arden Cho (‘Teen Wolf’) as Ingrid Yun, an idealistic young lawyer who struggles with her moral compass and her passions to reach the top of the ladder at an elite New York law firm.

THE Netflix reportedly had high hopes for the adaptation, as the season ended with a huge story hook and even hired a group of writers to work on new seasons ahead of the premiere.

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As for ‘imperfect‘, the sci-fi drama written by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton follows the story of three young adults chasing a mad scientist who tampered with their genetic codes, resulting in unwelcome superpowers.

In the plot, Italy Ricci gives life to Dr. Sydney Burke, a scientist who tries to right her past mistakes, both professional and ethical, allying with young people to track down the scientist responsible for their terrible fates.

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The cast will also feature Rhianna Jagpal, Iñaki Godoy, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Kyra Zagorsky and Rhys Nicholson🇧🇷

heaton will be the showrunner and will also contribute as a writer and executive producer along with Eriksen🇧🇷

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