Fans already have a demand for The Princess Diaries 3

Last Tuesday (November 15th), Disney confirmed production of The Princess Diaries 3! That is: to the delight of fans around the world, the saga of Mia Thermopolis and the kingdom of Genovia. The announcement, as expected, sent the internet into an uproar. On social networks, fans already make an important demand for the film.

The first film of The Princess Diaries, it is worth remembering, hit theaters in 2001, with Anne Hathaway in the lead role. The franchise also got a sequel – The Royal Wedding, released in 2004.

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So far, Disney has revealed few details about The Princess Diaries 3. It is known that Aadrita Mukerji, from Supergirl, will be the screenwriter of the feature.

We reveal below what The Princess Diaries fans demand in the continuation of the franchise; check out.

To be successful, The Princess Diaries 3 must bring back the original cast

On social networks, fans are already sending the real: to conquer the public, The Princess Diaries 3 needs to bring back its original cast.

That is: the film will only be successful if Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, Heather Matarazzo and other stars return to the franchise.

“If Clarisse doesn’t come back, you don’t even have to produce The Princess Diaries 3,” said one fan, referring to Julie Andrews’ character.

According to several viewers, Anne Hathaway’s recent projects indicate a possible return in The Princess Diaries 3.

“If Anne can make a romantic comedy inspired by Harry Styles, she can also go back to The Princess Diaries 3”, commented another fan, citing the film The Idea of ​​You, based on a fanfic about the singer.

So far, Anne Hathaway has not confirmed her presence in the film. However, Disney representatives have stated that The Princess Diaries 3 will be a sequel, not a reboot. Therefore, the actress can still return.

“If Anne Hathaway, Chris Pine, Julie Andrews and Hector Elizondo are not in The Princess Diaries 3, why make the film?” asked another viewer.

The consensus is that The Princess Diaries 3 will only win over audiences if the original actors and actresses return.

“Disney needs to write a nice check to pay Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews and Chris Pine. Do whatever it takes to bring them back in The Princess Diaries 3. This is not a joke, this is my life!” commented another fan.

Finally, it is possible to conclude that Princess Mia Thermopolis is the true core of The Princess Diaries.

“If she’s not in The Princess Diaries 3, what’s the point? Mia Thermopolis is one of the best Disney princesses turned queens,” concluded another fan.

The Princess Diaries 3 does not yet have a release date. After hitting theaters, the film will be made available on Disney+. Click here to subscribe to the stream.

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