Famous fashion icon has more power than most: ‘She rules over the rich and famous of the United States’

For decades, she has been known for spreading fear among her employees. She is attracted to extremely powerful men. And then she has a power over America’s richest and most famous.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour has acquired more and more power over the decades. And now it is no longer only mature that she has power over. But who is this living legend really?

It is called the most important celebrity party in the United States – the so-called ‘Met Gala’ – and many celebrities would give their right arm to be on the guest list.

But it is ruled by a special woman – Anna Wintour.

Anna Wintour is a powerful lady.  Here she is seen at a fashion show in 2018, where Queen Elizabeth was the guest of honor.

Anna Wintour is a powerful lady. Here she is seen at a fashion show in 2018, where Queen Elizabeth was the guest of honor.
Photo: Yui Mok

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“I think she is the most powerful person in the American fashion world. She is extremely powerful. “

This is how it sounds from BT’s international correspondent Jakob Illeborg, who has a good insight into New York’s wealthy circles.

Last week, Anna Wintour’s powerful position came to the fore again. When the prestigious ‘Met Gala’ was held – with Anna Wintour as guest of honor. She has been in charge of the event since the mid-90s and has made it a huge tributary, where the richest of the rich and the most famous of the famous flock to be seen.

But it is Anne Wintour who decides who to bring – and she also has an influence on which designer dresses they can wear.

Anna Wintour at this year's Met Gala '.

Anna Wintour at this year’s Met Gala ‘.

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‘The Met Gala shows that there is no one next to Anna Wintour. She has really managed to use her rising, traveling status to cement and seize more and more power, “says Jakob Illeborg about the 72-year-old journalist, who since 1988 has been the fashion magazine Vogue’s editor-in-chief in the USA.

But Anna Wintour is more than that. Since 2020, the British-born fashion icon has been the content editor of the media company Condé Nast. And global editor for Vogue. And that makes her extremely powerful, it sounds from Illeborg.

»And it’s quite nice of a lady who was really just a leaf smearer. A fashion writer. And even from the colored end of the spectrum. It is not the Pulitzer Prize for war coverage that she has won, “he says.

However, Anna Wintour has not fallen asleep to the success. Already from her early years up through the 70s and 80s, she became known for working hard and being attracted to powerful men. In fact, she worked so hard that several assistants in an excerpt from the portrait book ‘Anna: The Biography’ in the Daily Mail describe her as directly intimidating.

Anna Wintour with her daughter, Bee Schaffer.

Anna Wintour with her daughter, Bee Schaffer.

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They were so afraid of her that they did not dare ask her what she had written on a note if they could not read it.

Behind every powerful man stands a woman, it is said. And behind Vogue’s famous fashion editor stood a man.

After the many different men, Wintour fell head over heels for the 13-year-old expert in child psychiatry, David Schaffer. In him she found a kind of soulmate who supported her and with whom she could discuss Vogue’s content.

Several called him co-editor of Vogue, as everyone knew she asked him for advice on many things.

Anna Wintour with boyfriend Shelby Bryan.

Anna Wintour with boyfriend Shelby Bryan.

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The couple married in 1988 and managed to have two children, Bee Shaffer and Charlie Shaffer, and many friends and acquaintances describe the busy businesswoman as a good mother who was there for her children and had profits for play dates and children’s parties.

However, in ‘Anna: The Biography’, one of the many nannies has said that the children often only saw Anna Wintour for a few hours in the morning.

In late 1999, Anna Wintour fell for the rich and powerful businessman Shelby Bryan. That led to the end of her marriage to David Schaffer.

Wintour has even become a fashion icon.

Wintour has even become a fashion icon.
Photo: Tolga AKMEN

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Anna Wintour was with Shelby Bryan until 2020, but the couple never got married and they never moved in together. They both work so much that they were supposedly only seen on the weekends.

That the breakup between the two coincided with Anna Wintour getting a better job and more responsibility is perhaps a coincidence. But nonetheless, one must take the hat off to Anna Wintour’s merits and travel in the fashion world.

“It’s a very impressive performance by Wintour, but it also shows something about how the fashion world works. That there has come such an empress, who quite obsessively decides who is inside and who is out in a world where it only matters whether one is inside or out. Either you are part of Anna Wintour’s good company – or you are not, «says Illeborg. »

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