Family war? Romana denies news and clarifies: “Pure and total lie”

This Friday, January 7th, TV 7 Dias magazine reports in its edition that Romana intends to withdraw from the defamation process in court but that her father and brother Sérgio Rossi “do not forgive her” and seek compensation in the amounts of 6 and 8 thousand euros, respectively, to be delivered later to the APAV (Association for Support to the Victim).

Following this news, Romana resorted to Instagram stories to react in a statement: “It should be clarified that this is not the truth.“, began by saying the singer, denying the news in five points.

I have never been notified of any proceeding in which I am Defendant or Defendant and my father and brother are plaintiffs or offended; There was a lawsuit where I was a plaintiff and my father and brother were defendants; In the process, I gave up on the request, which is a free act, not because of my own will or lack of belief in victory, but because of family pressure.“, Explain.

Due to the withdrawal made by me, a sentence was issued declaring such process extinct, as well as the counterclaims that the Defendants came to deduct in the defense offered by them“, adds the singer, who reinforces: “Any news other than the facts written above is pure and utter lie“.

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