Family of stabbed cop reacts for the first time and releases new photo

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The Noord police zone issued a short announcement on Sunday afternoon at the request of the family of officer Thomas Monjoie. The relatives of the stabbed officer thank everyone for the support and have released a new photo. It shows Thomas as they want to remember him.

“Our family has been deeply affected by this drama,” it said in a brief statement. They ask for a little understanding to be able to mourn in peace and thank everyone for the words of comfort.

“Today and in the days to come we, family, friends and relatives, will devote ourselves to Thomas, watch over him, honor him for the companion, the son, the brother, the cousin, the friend he is and will remain. ”

The family has also circulated a new photo of Thomas and is asking the media to use it. “In memory of our child”.

They call their son a generous man who hated injustice and was passionate about what he did, both privately and professionally.

The mail is signed by his parents, his brother and sister and his partner.

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