Family drama of the warrior Vémoly: Infidelity, slaps, breakup

Vémoland, the seat of the most famous Czech bomber, orphaned. Again after a year and a half, only Carlos, the lion and the crocodile remained in it. His Lela with two-year-old Lily and six-week-old Rocky they ran to the woman with whose husband the beautiful Slovak Vémol was supposed to cheat.

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Rath is out of jail! Vémola announced the breakup. The case Djokovic continues

The whole soap opera was blown up by articles that Carlos was cheating on Lela again, which was the reason for the last breakup. “That’s my wife’s defense because I found out he was having an affair with another guy,” the warrior protested in a heartbreaking recording. The man was supposed to be Vít Kaiser, with whom he became friends a few months ago. “When a man finds out that his wife is sleeping with his good friend, the slap begins to fly. Only he got slapped, he got two. Not because he’s sleeping with my wife, but because he’s a pig playing with a friend, “ added the broken Vémola.

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Lela Ceter presents the plot in a completely different way. Far more menacing. “After you beat me up and had a moon Rocky in my arms, I’m scared of you. I will never be with you again. You’re aggressive at home and you’re just screaming, I’m still alone with the kids. “ she wrote after hiding with Kamila Kaiser. That is, a woman who should be as enraged as Carlos because of a man’s infidelity. But it is not. “My husband has no relationship outside of me, he has not been slapped, they have not seen each other. I don’t know what the problem is with Carlos, but let’s leave our family alone. “ stated Kaiserová for

Vemala defends the accusation of violence: I never hit her

This relationship will not only end with a breakup, but also with a criminal report. According to the express, she had that yesterday. cz Lela Ceterová to Carlos Vémol because he beat her. However, the warrior denies that he confuses his own house with a wrestling cage. “I didn’t do anything to Lele. I’ve been with her for five years, I’ve never even touched her. I slapped him just for what he did. And they started attacking me, “ said yesterday for His suspicion that she was unfaithful to him stemmed from the fact that she was not often at home and found new and new expensive jewelry or handbags. “I found rings she doesn’t deny she has from him. And I don’t know a foreign guy who would just give a foreign partner hundreds of thousands of gifts, “ says Carlos to the address of his now former friend Vít Kaiser.

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