Family builds a second floor and electricity cable runs through the entire house

Strange things continue to happen in Peru. Weeks ago, some people used the utility pole to hang clothes. This time, a family from the Comas district, located in the capital of Lima, turned viral in the social networks because he faces an unusual problem that endangers his health.

The citizen, identified as Rosa Velasco Rodriguezraised his voice in protest and reported that the street light cable goes through the walls of the second floor from your house. As she commented, she has been trying to communicate with the Enel electricity company for five years to find a quick answer,

“I want to continue building”

However, Rosa maintained that said entity does not respond to her request: “They told me that in a month (there would be an answer), but so far nothing I have gone again and they tell me that I have to apply again.”

In dialogue with ATV NewsRosa Velasco added that she will continue to wait for a response to obtain a solution: “They don’t give me a solution and I want to continue building my house, but that cable is dangerous”.

They criticize the neighbor

For their part, netizens attacked the construction of the affected family. “The second floor of the house invades the public road, they also have the nerve to claim”, indicated a netizen. While another user noted: “It seems to me or the lady does not know that her house ends on the edge of the first floor, what she is doing is invading the air that does not correspond”.

Enel sent a statement regarding the viral video

In relation to the case exposed by a cable identified within a construction in the Comas district, we would like to inform you of the following: “Our team will review the post and identify the telecommunications operator that owns the indicated cable to notify them to take the corresponding corrective measures. It should be noted that the public lighting posts in the area were installed respecting the minimum safety distances required by the standard. However, the transmitted images show that the construction carried out invades public property, which is recommended to be rectified by the owner of the property. We urge neighbors to respect construction regulations, respect public property and thus avoid these situations that generate risks to the lives of citizens.

What can cause a bad cable?

The risks of having wrong the connections of the appliances in the house go far beyond causing an overload that makes the pill of the electrical installation drop or burn a fissile, being among the slightest breakdowns and among the most serious giving rise to fires, according to

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