Falling for Christmas, the review: Lindsay Lohan’s return to the cinema is striking but not too much

Falling for Christmas review: Lindsay Lohan returns to her first love, romantic comedy, as the star of a Netflix Christmas movie. Her presence, however, doesn’t make a difference.

And from The Canyons by Paul Schrader, presented with little success at the 70th Venice Film Festival, who wonders what happened to Lindsay Lohan, once an enfant prodige of American comedy and then ended up in oblivion between wrong choices and some too invasive retouching. Those who are nostalgic for her naive and genuine way of acting will be delighted to welcome her return to cinematic romance whose strengths and weaknesses we will describe in this review of Falling for Christmasmovie Netflix Christmas where she stars alongside Chord Overstreet (Glee). The plot, at least in broad terms, is very, very similar to that of A couple adrift, 1986 film with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Sierra (Lohan) is a spoiled but good-hearted, wealthy hotel chain heiress engaged to self-absorbed influencer, Tad (George Young), and uncertain about actually taking over the family business. The day Tad proposes to her on a blustery bluff, the two have an accident and suffer different fates. Sierra loses consciousness and when she wakes up she doesn’t even know her name anymore. To welcome her during her amnesia, the one who saved her, the owner of a resort hut in the city, her widower with her daughter who, although submerged in debt, does his utmost for everyone’s cause.

Falling For Christmas 4 Hfcbyuj

Falling For Christmas: Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet in a scene from the film

The love story between two people who are so different and distant is obviously at the heart of this film which does not show even the slightest willingness to get out of the very usual terrain of the already seen Christmas film. The presence of Lindsay Lohan, who should instead have added the missing touch of class, particularity, intensity, instead literally sinks into the cauldron of Christmas decorations and blends into the fray. To make matters worse, a first part of the film that has nothing to do with the rest and is detached and false.

Vanzinian beginnings

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Falling For Christmas: Lindsay Lohan in a scene from the film

If we did not know that it is impossible (perhaps) that director Janeen Damian, in her debut behind the camera, has made a culture on Christmas films by watching the cinepanettoni of the Vanzinewe’d swear the first half hour has more of a gag homage for almost slapstick comedy demented and stringy special effects from the first films of the famous Christmas comedy directors. In a somewhat surreal duo with her boyfriend and then betrothed Tad, Sierra Belmont’s Lindsay Lohan it seems not only a caricature made person but indulges in discounted curtains and even a little artifacts that culminate in the famous accident, the narrative turning point of the film, a fall from skis between Bridget Jones in the second chapter and Willy the Coyote. Of the introduction of Falling for Christmas nothing is saved but a glimmer of hope brings him the wink at mean girls of Lohan when she indulges in singing in the car Jingle Bell Rock. Good times, those.

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Galeotta amnesia

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Falling For Christmas: Lindsay Lohan with Chord Overstreet in a picture

THE Christmas movie once Hallmark and now Netflix all follow a very specific pattern, made up of a few simple rules that always work for a plot that must be taken for granted, under penalty of exclusion from holiday programming. Falling for Christmascoming out of the Vanzinian parenthesis, decides to come to his senses, to the Hallmark laws and among the various options available to him, he chooses the expedient ofamnesia to bond the two protagonists, the beautiful, kind but ditzy Sierra (Lohan) and the young widower who owns a declining resort, Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet). Jailbird the blow to the head taken by the protagonist during the involuntary skiing against the direction of travel is revealed and here to save her there is the blond prince charming, also the father of a very sweet girl, who welcomes the unsuspecting young man into the house and to his hotel. Obviously, love is born and even more obviously Sierra finds her true self. As anticipated in the introduction, the plot is very vaguely reminiscent of A couple adrift, but of that explosive and passionate encounter-clash between two comedy giants such as Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Falling for Christmas it just imitates the obvious parts without really building a crescendo of feelings between the two. Even screenwriters Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver don’t seem to believe they can build much between their protagonists and just stick together the conventional story points.

Lindsay Lohan that doesn’t make a difference

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Falling For Christmas: Lindsay Lohan with Chord Overstreet in a scene from the film

Fans of the unassuming Christmas rom-coms starting to flock to platforms this time of year will watch Falling for Christmas as they watched A castle for Christmas with Brooke Shields and Love Hard with Nina Dobrev, if we want to call into question titles from the Netflix calendar. The choice of Lindsay Lohan as the protagonist had to have the purpose of attracting the attention of a new audience, taken by the curiosity of the return of a former child star who, even in the remakes, you see That crazy Friday or Trapped parentshad made a difference. Unfortunately here Lohan, to quote the Guardian or more simply Boris 4, literally immerses herself in the algorithm without putting anything of him into it. We remember who it was but we can’t find it, having to settle for his voice in the chorus between the notes of Joy to the World.


At the end of the review of Falling for Christmas we note with regret that the return of Lindsay Lohan does not even have a minimum of the power we hoped for. Not even flanked by a beloved actor for Glee, Chord Overstreet, the actress manages to make a difference because the film, while respecting the rules of the Christmas film created at the table, does not even think about going out of the sowing or exploiting a full potential of its actors. Falling for Christmas is a film that will soon be forgotten, unfortunately, dusty among the virtual shelves of the Netflix Christmas catalog.

Because we like it

  • It’s nice to see Lindsay Lohan on screen.
  • It is the classic Christmas movie with a guaranteed and reassuring happy ending.

What’s wrong

  • Lindsay Lohan doesn’t make a difference, she doesn’t stand out and she doesn’t add her own to get the film off the ground.
  • It has an almost insane comedy first part that clashes with the rest.
  • It has little plot originality and a superficial heart.

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