Fake news is a major obstacle to the opening of reception centers

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The questions submitted to municipal officials in March-April 2021 dealt with the obstacles to the establishment of Fedasil centers, cohabitation with residents, best practices for integrating residents into the local fabric, etc.

The untruths circulating on social networks represent a major difficulty for 40% of the people questioned in the survey. And these false beliefs will fuel the reluctance of the inhabitants. Protests are thus a real difficulty for four in ten mayors.

But the survey reveals that these fears fade over time. Two thirds of the mayors believe that the reception center present in their territory is well integrated.

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The mayors also underline the role played by initiatives promoting integration, in particular via sports clubs, language courses, or sponsorship for minors. A majority of them, on the other hand, deplore the process of opening the centers, often announced at the last minute by the authorities.

Fedasil, which is encountering the reluctance of certain municipalities, has announced its intention to create 5,400 so-called “buffer” places (which can be activated during periods of high traffic, as is currently the case). Several municipalities have agreed to open centers on their territory, but the vast majority of beds have yet to be found.

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