Fake Facebook profiles accuse Lars HUG: ‘It has started, within the last few weeks’

Have you experienced being asked for friends on Facebook by Lars HUG or Lars Lilholt Band?

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At least there are some who have experienced this recently.

The problem is just that these are fake profiles, and therefore the above has been forced to go out on Facebook with a warning to its followers.

First, Lars Lilholt Band made a Facebook post, and later Lars HUG stated in the comment track that he has also experienced major problems with it.

‘It’s something that has begun within the last few weeks. Profiles who call themselves Lars Hug, as friend requests and write to women, «informs Lars HUG’s administrator on Facebook in a written response to BT

What exactly is in the messages is not known, but it is stated that they have received a lot of inquiries about it in recent weeks.

Something they otherwise have never experienced before.

Last month, Lars HUG opened his own webshop, and the fake profiles have swarmed since then.

One of the inquiries that Lars HUG has received about fake profiles in circulation.

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One of the inquiries that Lars HUG has received about fake profiles in circulation.
Photo: Private

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The administrator states that it is very stressful if their name is used to cheat people. For the same reason, they do everything they can to get the profiles notified.

The problem is simply that even though they encourage people to report the fake profiles, new profiles are created under the same name but with different profile pictures.

Still, they have not made a definite Facebook post, and there is a reason for that:

“The only thing that has stopped us is that we have the impression that it has calmed down a bit by now, and that HUG fans are fortunately super sharp and do not let themselves be fooled.”

“We can see this from the inquiries we have received about the problem, and from the general tone on all of Lars’ social media.”

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