Facundo Pieres broke the silence about his relationship with Zaira Nara

The name of Facundo Pieres was all over the gossip portals for the last few weeks, with countless rumors pointing to him as the Apple of discord between two of the most beautiful women of the Argentine show business: Paula Chavez and Zaira Nara. This Monday, the polo player broke the silence and talked about his romantic situation.

Listen to Facundo Pieres’ testimony about his relationship with Zaira Nara!

Zaira Nara Y Paula Chavez they shared a close friendship for many years, due to their profession. They were so close that they even shared their pregnancies.. However, in recent weeks the women were somewhat distancedand the reason would be the polo player Facundo Pieres.

pieres, who was in a relationship with Paula Chávez for almost a year in 2009would be the new conquest of Zaira Nara, who parted ways with Jakob Von Plessenthe father of her two children Malaika Y Viggo, By the end of September. The relationship between her friend and her ex would not have gone down well with the former driver of “Bake Off Argentina”, causing estrangement between women.

In the middle of this media storm, Facundo Pieres spoke about the controversy “Show Partners”. While leaving a polo game, the athlete was assaulted by a reporter from the program, who tried to get his word. Although Pieres was adamant when he said “no, I’m not going to talk”ended up giving in and offered a striking comment.

Facundo Pieres, the supposed bone of contention between Zaira Nara and Paula Chávez.

While I was signing a ball for the morning (on the occasion of the ever closer Qatar 2022 World Cup), the journalist asked him: “How’s your heart?”. Pieres’ response surprised everyone: “Chill chill”answered the politician, taking care not to deny whether or not he is single.

Back in the studio, the panelist Paula Varela explained that Paula Chavez would have been aware of the rapprochement between his two acquaintances, but he didn’t expect the bond to go that far: “He began to send messages to Zaira in March of this year (he liked her photos and sent her a private message on Instagram). In those messages, Zaira did whitewash with Paula and Paula told her: ‘Oh well, friend, have fun, take the opportunity to make Jakob jealous’.

Zaira Nara confirmed her separation from Jakob Von Plessen at the end of September.

“The relationship continued and when Paula finds out she says: ‘No, stop, one thing is a celito and another that you become a girlfriend with my ex-boyfriendthat you come to my house with my ex-boyfriend‘”detailed the panelist about the recent estrangement between good friends.

Despite the silence of Zaira Nara Y Facundo Pieresdetails of their nascent relationship made it to the media. Yanina Latorre stated in THE M that the couple is coming from strength to strength: “I heard that she sleeps many nights at his country clubThat is why no one guards it or follows it because it is far away. The weekend they went the same day to see Coldplay. He with her friends and she went with a friend. From there they made logistics and went to spend the night. They are very much in lovehe claimed.

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