Facundo Arana referred to "The 1-5 / 18": "Making a production like that is crazy"

Facundo Arana He is an actor who keeps his profile low. He may be out of the media for a long time, but despite that, all his products and works are very well received by the public. Given this, in an interview he gave for the radio show “Just in case” He opined on the controversy that was generated around “The 1-5 / 18”.

The novel of Polka It received a lot of criticism since it is set in a popular neighborhood and how they portray life in the villas. Many of the actors came out to clarify that they are making a novel and do not want to represent anything, but the opinions did not stop. Given this, Arana commented: “They can tell a story of whatever, but here they bet to duplicate a neighborhood like 31, they import actors, they put a lot of money. You have to take off your hat, because at this time to make a production like that is crazy. “

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In addition, this is the first national novel after the pandemic and for this reason the actor continued to defend the daily strip. “There is always a portion of thermos heads that are hidden in social networks to barde, but we make fiction for the great majority who vibrate, suffer, rejoice, cry and laugh with the actors in fictions “, the husband of Maria Susini.

He also referred to the production behind each episode and the importance of the entire technical team that works so that everything is correct on the air. We must go out to bank all our producers, because surely everyone could have gone to work outside, and yet they stayed and gambled “, added the actor.

Facundo Arana with his wife, María Susini.

In addition, the host of the program took the opportunity to consult the artist about his future work and about his possibility of making a fiction again. I would love to do a terrible baddie in some fiction, but I am taking my children to school and doing a daily fiction would be putting that into playSo for now the balance is positive, although there are always meetings and calls, thank God. ”

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