Facebook thanks its sales teams and its CEO in Belgium: “They will do a good job elsewhere”

The entire Facebook sales team was fired with immediate effect at the start of the week, L’Echo reported “to good sources” on Thursday. The CEO of the Belgian antenna, Alexis Lebedoff, would also be dismissed, according to the daily. The layoffs concern around 30 people.

The activity will now be carried out from Ireland and the Netherlands, further advances L’Echo, according to which this decision is part of the wave of layoffs at the global level unveiled last week by Meta, the parent company of Facebook. More than 11,000 employees are expected to lose their jobs.

Contacted by L’Echo, the CEO of the Belgian branch of Facebook Alexis Lebedoff did not wish to speak.

“They will continue to do a good job in other places”


Facebook Benelux spokesperson Kim van Bokhoven sticks to the group’s official statement, referring to Mark Zuckerberg’s letter stating that “the teammates who are leaving us are talented and passionate, they will continue to do good work in other places”.

The fate of the offices occupied so far by the Belgian sales team of the social network, within the “Regent Park” in Brussels and which belong to Jean-Claude Marian (founder of Orpea), is not known. According to information from L’Echo, a presence of Facebook would still be maintained in Belgium, with the preservation of the team dedicated to public affairs and lobbying.

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