Facebook Messenger: how to recover any deleted chat

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging platform that was created in 2008, therefore, if you have been accompanied by this application since its inception, you have surely spoken with many people during the course of that time until today. There are times when you accidentally delete a conversation that you wanted to keep, so here you ask yourself, now how do I get it back? Fortunately, there is an exclusive method for mobiles with the Android operating system, which will help you restore any chat that you have deleted. Take note.

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To perform this trick, you will first have to download the application called ‘Es File Explorer‘, you can find it totally free from the Google Play Store, if you want to get it quickly click .

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Es File Explorer is a local and network file manager for mobiles Android, it is capable of supporting up to 20 different languages, analyzing local storages to clean useless files, identifying heavy elements, etc., but one of its best functions is to recover deleted conversations in Facebook Messenger.


  • After downloading the application, open it and give it all the necessary permissions so that it can operate, do not worry that it is 100% safe.
  • Open the app and many options will appear, mark the one that says ‘Storage or MicroSD card’.
  • The next step is to click on the ‘Android’> ‘Data’ section.
  • Here you will get a list with several files that you did not know you had stored on your computer.
  • Carefully read each one until you find the one that says ‘com.facebook.orca’, now touch it.
  • Then a new window will open, go to the ‘Cache’ folder.
  • Finally, hit the ‘fb_temp’ option.

That’s it, now every time you accidentally or intentionally delete a Facebook Messenger conversation, it will be automatically stored in the fb_temp folder, so you can recover them as many times as necessary.

How to not appear online while using Facebook Messenger

  • First make sure Facebook Messenger have no pending updates.
  • Open the app and go to your profile. Just tap on your avatar or your image in the upper right corner.
  • You will see a new panel, click where it says ‘Active status’.
  • Here you will need to disable the function called ‘Show when you are active’.
  • Also, turn off the option ‘Show when they are active at the same time’.
  • With this configuration you will never appear as connected on Facebook Messenger again.

It should be noted that by having both options turned off, you will not be able to see if a certain contact on Facebook Messenger is “online” or connected. It won’t even show what time you were chatting.

Do you have a problem with Facebook Messenger and do you want to report it? click to report something that is not working properly in the app. If what you want is to report abuses or other conversations that violate Messenger rules, press the following . You can also shake your smartphone to report a problem.

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