Fabrizio Miccoli returns to freedom after 6 months in prison: he has obtained probation

Return to freedom Fabrizio Miccoli. After six months in prison, the former captain of the Palermo gets thereliance on probation as an alternative measure to detention. The player from Salento was definitively sentenced to 3 years and 6 months of imprisonment on charges of extortion aggravated by mafia method by the Supreme Court in November 2021. The judges of the Supreme Court had confirmed the January 2020 sentence of the Court of Appeal of Palermo.

To restore the freedom to Miccoli, detained in Rovigowas the supervisory court of Venice which accepted the appeal of his lawyer. On the basis of the probationary assignment that the Court has granted him, Miccoli will be able to return to coaching in the football school. It will have to respect some prescriptions how not to go home after midnight and not hang out prejudiced.

The former bomber had been convicted after he ended up in an investigation for asking a Mauro Lauricellason of Nino said u scintillunimember of the mafia family of Kalsadistrict of Palermo, the return of sums of money to a business owner on behalf of a friend of his, former physiotherapist of the rosanero team.

Also some of the records of the investigation wiretapping between Miccoli and the son of the Kalsa boss: the player defined Giovanni Falcone “That mud” while he was waiting for his friend in via Notarbartolo, near the house where the magistrate lived. For these words, Miccoli publicly apologized in tears.

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