Fabio Van den Bossche and Yoeri Havik enter the fifth night Six Days of Ghent as leaders

Fabio Van den Bossche and the Dutchman Yoeri Havik are the new leaders, Saturday at 10:40 pm, during the fifth day of the 81st Six Days of Ghent. They totaled 243 points.

Martin DelvauxSource: BELGA

The former leaders Lindsay De Vylder/Robbe Ghys follow one lap, with 265 points to their name. Iljo Keisse and Jasper De Buyst are in two rounds with 139 points. The Belgian-German duo Jules Hesters/Tim Torn Teutenberg has already made up for three rounds and gathered 188 points. The rest of the field follows on six or more laps.

The Danish Matias Malmberg was the strongest in the first points race. He kept, among others, the Dutchman Philip Heijnen and the German Tim Torn Teutenberg behind him. The second points race was reserved for Tuur Dens. He beat the Dutchman Vincent Hoppezak and Jules Hesters. The team elimination became a duel between Fabio Van den Bossche/Yoeri Havik and Ethan Hayter/Fred Wright. After a millimeter sprint, the British turned out to be slightly faster than the Belgian-Dutch couple.

During the time trial track round, Jan Willem van Schip and Tuur Dens could only just avoid a crash with a bad changeover. The secondary number went to Lindsay De Vylder and Robbe Ghys. The latter duo also started the first team race of the evening as leader. Fabio Van Den Bossche/Yoeri Havik followed in the same round. The price exploded especially in the last fifteen minutes of that song. Van Den Bossche/Havik scored a double, but the other couples fighting for the overall victory also got involved. In the end it was Havik who got the job done and won this spectacular madison with Van den Bossche.

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