Fabienne Carat: With Alain, this time it’s official!

This secret had weighed on him for many months already. The actress, Fabienne Carat suffered in secret from not being able to reveal the name of the one who shared her life and had made her happy by giving her a superb little girl, Céleste, born on December 6, 2021. At the height of frustration, the lovely actress had even declared last April, in the columns of Entertainment TV : “It’s hard in fact, it’s a shame not to be able to say who the father is, to tell yourself that he doesn’t want this child. It’s a shame in fact”she lamented.

From the start of her pregnancy, the 42-year-old actress who played Samia Nassri in More beautiful life on France 3, said to be a single mother, adding, two months before the birth of the child, that her baby was the fruit of a story without a future. But today, the beautiful brunette no longer needs to hide to live happily. The new man in her life is none other than Alain, a former candidate for Married at first sightwhose magnetic charm worked on female viewers during the show’s fifth season. M6in 2021. A few days ago, accompanied by Carole, the sister of the actress, the couple had been seen in Cadaques, in Spain, more in love than ever, entwined at the edge of a swimming pool, the handsome brunette taking pleasure in give the bottle to his daughter, like a real expert daddy-hen, because this barber by profession is already the father of two children, born from a previous relationship.

The lucky 43-year-old and Fabienne met just three months ago, after talking for a long time on social networks, and their friendship quickly became more and more complicit until it inspired them with stronger feelings. . Today, as the images show, Alain has become a real father for Clémence, who really needed it and his mother finds life decidedly more beautiful, to the point of formalizing his idyll during a trip to Paris and toast to his blended family.

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