Fabienne Carat at the heart of a lively controversy: This shot in the company of Richard Berry which divides

This weekend, Fabienne Carat took to her social networks to share a snapshot of her with a famous actor. “About Saturday… I too put that here… a Saturday in Paris…”, wrote the former star of “Plus belle la vie” on his Instagram account. In the image, Celeste’s mother poses alongside Richard Berry. A publication that set fire to the powder. Indeed, the 72-year-old actor was recently accused of incest by his eldest daughter, Coline. Charges that have shaken his popularity. “Fabienne carat you take 1 risk of popularity”, “I zap immediately”, “You strike a pose with an incest, bravo”, “Death”, “Weird this photo”, “Fdp berry”, “Incest”, “Looool Fabienne”, could we read in the comments.

A dark affair

Accused of “rape and sexual assault on minors under 15”, Marilou Berry’s uncle has always denied the facts. Interviewed by the Journal du Dimanche last December, Richard Berry spoke for the first time since the start of the affair. “Today I can express myself and affirm that everything is false,” he had launched before continuing: “I was a father who was too young, too absent, but loving and respectful of my daughter”. “Nothing she says happened. I never kissed her on the mouth with my tongue, nor my two other daughters, it’s despicable. […] These may be invented or induced memories, which she ended up believing., added the actor. He also accused his daughter of being jealous of her own sister. “There is a kind of jealousy, sometimes fierce, vis-à-vis my other daughter, Joséphine. And these accusations arose when I announced the birth of my third child with my wife Pascale. [Louange]. Coline was also pregnant. But deep down, I don’t understand why she did this […] Colin is my daughter. Despite his false accusations, despite the pain, I remain his father. » Coline, for her part, has not said her last word.


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