Fabian Fuchs: He’s the new one "Prince Charming"

Fabian Fox
He’s the new Prince Charming

Fabian Fuchs is the new “Prince Charming”.


There is a new “Prince Charming”! In the season starting in autumn, Fabian Fuchs will go in search of love.

RTL + has found a new “Prince Charming”: In the fourth season of the dating show, Fabian Fuchs (33) from Berlin is looking for his dream man. The new episodes start in the fall on the streaming service. The 33-year-old from Berlin works in the management of an internet company. On the island of Rhodes in Greece, he met 21 men on “Prince Charming”. “I have a lot of energy and a zest for life,” reveals Fabian Fuchs about himself. “In a relationship, I’m looking for someone to steal horses with.”

Fabian Fuchs likes humor and sportiness

The 33-year-old has “a lot of respect” for his role as “Prince Charming”. He had to “do justice to many men” and “yet decide in the end for the right one”. “In addition to a great deal of responsibility, this also entails a lot of feelings,” says Fuchs. How can you convince him? “Anyone who brings humor and a little lightness can score well with me. I also find it very sexy when men pursue ambitious goals in life. Sportiness for joint activities is also a big plus,” explains the new “Prince Charming”.

By participating in the show, the 33-year-old is pursuing a higher goal: Fabian Fuchs not only wants to find his Mr. Right, but also wants to set an example. “Especially in the heteronormative society, it is important to educate and to show that queer people are looking for love just like everyone else,” he emphasizes. The “hetero-community” should see “that the topics of love are always the same – no matter who loves whom”.


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