Extravaganz’Paris, experiences to go back in time for 10 euros!

The Extravaganz’Paris troupe is revolutionizing visits to Paris. Your guides? Napoleon, Marie-Antoinette or Villon, they make you discover their time, their Paris, their little secrets and their version of History. Good plan, the walks are currently €10!

Unusual places, little stories in the big one, behind the scenes of major events, but also games or activities of the time, you are completely immersed in another time… Of the trips spectacular over time!

IMPERIAL WALK… A dazzling historical walk, with superb costumes and a presentation of the events that marked the Concorde, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, the Tuileries, the Royal Palace. Napoleon in the flesh will be your guide and will show you that he is not lacking in humor and self-mockery. You will receive the Imperial newspaper of the day and an autograph from the Emperor. The nobility of the Empire, the role of the ignoble Fouché, the doubts of the Emperor… You will know everything!

ROYAL RIDE… Come and discover 18th century Paris, events, fashion and life in Paris and its monuments… In a sumptuous environment, rue de Rivoli. A historic walk that takes you from the Concorde to the Palais Royal, and which dazzles you, with superb costumes, beautiful sets… A historical walk that takes your breath away, with a hilarious presentation of fashion and trends of the time. The affair of the Queen’s necklace, the Revolutionary Terror, court intrigues, so many revelations to discover…

MEDIEVAL WALK… At nightfall, by torchlight, walk in the footsteps of François Villon, poet adventurer and immerse yourself in the tumultuous life of Parisians in the 15th century. Your Mission: Find and decode the poet’s Cryptex. Then reappear for you, the cemetery of the innocents and its recluses, the castle and the gibbets, the students of the Latin quarter, in short, a city reappears from the past, for better or for worse…

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